About myself....!

My name is Mohsen Pahlevanzadeh.I was born in november 15th,1980 in Tehran.
My God is Allah and my religious book is Quran.Up to now my life was based on my God's will and whatever I gained or lost is due to my God's want.
My aspiration is to put my life in favour of my lord, Allah since I believe this would be a desirable life.
I am a fan and supporter of Free Software and i do all my computer works based on Freesoftware. My other interests are Linux/GNU family and BSD.
My main speciality is network administration but I also have decent knowledge in C/C++ and Python progmming. In general I love programming languages.
My favorite sport is mountain climbing because I love outdoors and generaly I'm a nature lover.
I truely love to increase my knowledge because I'm eager to know as much as possible. Not only I have this desire for myself, but also for every human being and I will do my best to help anyone who wishes to be on this path.

A geek man

What do you think about above desktop? A geek man?


You are welcome to contact me if you are intrested in these subjects:

  • --Consultation ,for migrating to GNU/Linux
  • --Teaching GNU/Linux
  • --Implementation and maintanance of UNIX-base mother servers such as GNU/Linux
  • --Server troubleshoooting

You can download my resume from here.

Blanditiis praesentium deleniti atque corrupti quos dolores et quas molestias

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You can directly contact me by dropping your message to , or send me massage in IRC, my nickname is: m_pahlevanzadeh